Cost-effective engineering services. Covers all stages from design to manufacturing

Einat Technologies Ltd. is a provider of engineering services whose mission is to help leading technology companies worldwide to develop and create innovative products in the most cost-effective way.

We offer a complete suit of research, development and manufacturing services from concept design, through detailed design, to prototypes and series manufacturing.

Einat's team is comprised of high skilled and well-experienced engineers. Our wide experience and flexible approach enables us to provide our customers with qualitative design within a short time frame, while maintaining low costs.

We are committed to quality, optimal prices and customer satisfaction. To date, Einat has successfully completed numerous projects with prominent customers in a variety of industries. View our products and testimonials.

Einat Technologies Ltd. was established in 1998. Einat Technologies located in Yavne, Israel. The company is ISO 9001 authorized.

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